7 things to look for when choosing a plumber

what to look for in a plumber

With 92,700 working plumbers in Australia 2021, finding the right one may seem like a big task. Plumbers provide essential services from fixing a leaking faucet to laying the pipes for a new home or building. They attend to emergency call-outs after hours and can replace entire plumbing systems. Picking the best plumber from a large line up requires that you look for certain qualities, standards and guarantees.

Qualities of a Top Plumber

Before you choose a plumber, do a little investigating and get multiple quotes. The following checklist is a guide for what you should look for in a plumber –

1. Qualifications and licensing

All plumbers have to go through training to get their certificate and license. Make sure the plumber you choose can show you their credentials. The highest level of certification is being a member of the Master Plumbers Association. However, you can still find an excellent plumber as long as they are licensed.

2. Insurance

Make sure the plumber is insured for any accidental damage they may cause to your home house and contents. This is an added sign that the plumber is reputable.

3. Professionalism and experience

Ensure there is a level of professionalism from the get go. From the initial phone call, to work completed, a top plumber will display a professional manner in speech and action. They will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible, and will show a friendly and helpful manner at all times. An excellent plumber will assure you that they have much experience in completing the type of job you are asking for.

4. Transparency in fee quoting

A top plumber will quote all fees upfront. They will state call out fee, and either a flat rate for a job, or an hourly rate. Hourly rates can skyrocket sometimes so be aware of roughly how long it will take. It might depend if they are unsure if extra work might be uncovered. They should tell you of this possibility before-hand. There should be no hidden costs at the end.

5. Guarantee of workmanship

Asking for a guarantee of the work done in writing is essential. If the plumber always gives a written guarantee for whatever number of years, then you know they will do their best to ensure no return visits. Apart from this, the parts they supply should also be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

6. Reputation

Whether by referral from friends and family, online reviews, or social media platforms, a plumber’s reputation carries a lot of weight. It only takes a few minutes to read reviews from Google or other platforms, and depending on the recommendations, you can find a plumber in high standing.

7. Local and available

The plumber you choose should be local or have a large presence in your community. If they are good, word of mouth will put them on show as upstanding tradesmen. A local plumber will also understand common problems in the area with plumbing issues. They will also do their best as they are part of the community you live in. And make sure the plumber is available. Unfortunately, the best plumbers have a waiting list sometimes. Some plumbers specialize in emergency 24/7 call outs but be prepared to pay up to double the standard cost.

Where do I find the best plumber?

Of course, plumbers in your area are listed online and finding one is as simple as jumping on the computer or phone. Or, you can find plumbers from your community in telephone directories, on billboard advertisements, and advertised on tradie vans. You can also ask your neighbours, friends or families if they know of a good plumber. First-hand recommendations can sometimes be the best.

When you have made a shortlist of top plumbers, it’s time for the first phone call.

First impression & questions to ask -

Here are nine questions you must ask when you choose your plumber.


  • Are you licensed and qualified?
  • How long have you worked as a plumber?
  • Do you have experience with the job I’m asking?
  • When can you be here?
  • What is your call-out fee?
  • What is your flat-rate fee?
  • What is your hourly rate and how long will it take you to finish this job?
  • Do you give a guarantee of workmanship?
  • Can you point me to any reviews of your work?

And finally, expect to pay fees upfront. You may be able to negotiate a payment agreement, but most plumbers will expect fee or part thereof for service and parts immediately. Having said this, make sure the plumber is charging within standard rates, from $100 to $150 an hour, and a call out fee of between $60 to $100.

With a 3.2 percent growth rate in the plumbing industry the number of plumbers will increase. Finding the right one requires some care and thought. Make sure you attend to all the details when choosing your plumber and fix that plumbing problem now.


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