How much does a plumber cost in Australia?

How much does a plumber cost

When you experience a plumbing emergency, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how much it will cost to hire a plumber. With so many factors influencing the total cost and no easy way of finding out, it can seem like an impossible task – but we’re here to make your life easier! In this blog post, we’ll break down all of the factors that influence how much a plumber costs for both homeowners and commercial businesses. By understanding these things ahead of time, you can have peace of mind that when something does go wrong with your plumbing system, you are well-informed on what expenses may come along with fixing it.

What do plumbers do?

A plumber is not just a tradie who fixes pipes. They do a whole lot more. Plumbers possess varied skillset of abilities and knowledge. Over 90 percent of the around 100, 000 licensed plumbers in Australia work in the construction industry installing systems. These are contract plumbers and then there are service plumbers who cater to the public. In both cases they charge either by the hour or a flat rate for the jobs they do.

Plumbers are required to conduct installation, repair, replacement and upkeep on water, sewerage, drainage, roof, gutter and gas heating systems. Jobs can range from fixing a leaking faucet, or even installing an entire plumbing system in a new home. The cost of a plumber may range between $100 to $150 per hour, depending on your location, plus the standard call out fee between $60 to $100. These prices of course can double after hours in emergencies.

The call out fee is an added cost that is included on top of the labour cost. The plumber charges a fee for coming out to the client’s home because this takes time and petrol, but also for their expertise to inspect the problem and provide a quote.  

The total plumbing job

The cost of a plumbing job itself boils down to how much they charge by the hour plus call-out, or how high is their flat rate for the entire job. The following factors also affect the final bill – 

  • Emergency call outs after hours
  • Master Plumber Member
  • Size of job and tools used
  • Cost of new parts
  • Labour costs
  • City or region located.

A burst pipe causing water damage in the predawn hours needs fixing right away. And clients pay dearly for the privilege of a 24/7 plumber. Most times you will call the first emergency plumber you can find on the net. Even if you haven’t fully checked them out. This is why it pays to do a little research before-hand and make a list of all hours tradies to call. Do this when there are no problems in case of that late night crisis in the future.

The cost of a plumber will also depend on whether they are a step up from tradie to Master Plumber. Members of the Master Plumbers Association are upskilled in their knowledge of latest technologies and methods of plumbing. Choosing one may cost more, but you are assured of quality workmanship and service.

Plumbers can manage small-scale jobs like replacing a rubber ring for $100 but can also be called upon to install an entire plumbing system, worth tens of thousands of dollars. A good plumber will bring expert skills to the smallest job up to the largest job and will use special tools when needed.

Using high tech equipment will incur a higher price, and this will be added to parts supplied, and the actual labour of physically handling objects. The more difficult the job, the longer it will take, and the more it will cost.

And of course, the cost of plumbers varies from state to state in Australia, and from city to regional areas. Expect to pay more for plumbers if you are in the city, and also if you are in NSW, with 26 percent of its workforce being plumbers. 

Saving on plumbing services

Whether it’s a house, office building, or complex, you can save on cost with no compromise to quality. Saving money on the cost of a plumber requires that you –

  • Compare at least three to four quotes
  • Check they are licensed and insured
  • Check the call out fee
  • Check the hourly rate or flat rate
  • Make sure they give a parts and services guarantee

Select from multiple quotes

Getting a few quotes can give you a range of prices to compare. Of course, beware the very cheap plumbers as they may have a poor reputation or even be unlicensed. Always ask for their license. Plumbing is a highly technical and mechanical profession and plumbers are well-trained for their job. Licensing shows they are qualified tradespeople. And make sure they have insurance to cover any accidental damage.

Some plumbers will charge by the hour, from $60 to $100 in Australia. And some will charge a flat rate for certain types of jobs. For instance, unblocking a drain might cost from $150 to $200 flat fee, whereas installing a new hot water system can cost from $220 to $600, not including materials. And for a large scale install of an entire plumbing system it could cost upwards of $20, 000. So, you would factor in how long it would take the plumber to do the job. This way you can find whether it is less costly by the hour, or a flat rate.

Above all, make sure the plumber gives a written guarantee for services and parts. Especially for services, a written certificate will maintain the quality of his workmanship and save call backs.

Avoid plumbing problems in the future

As was stated, do your research before there is a problem. Get on the net and have a look at a few different plumbers in your area in a spare moment. Do this before there is a problem. And have a few go-to plumbers as sometimes plumbers are booked out. Take into account the following tips – 

  • Years established:

A good sign is time the plumber has been around. The longer the better.

  • Reviews

It only takes a few seconds to read reviews and ratings on Google or other platforms. Trusted reviewers can point out quality plumbers.

  • Licensed and/or Master Plumber

In most cases licensed plumbers will do as good a job as a Master Plumber. But for bigger jobs, a Master Plumber will give you that added guarantee of quality and service.

  • Local, Independent, or Large Business

Try to choose a plumber that is a local member of your community. If they are close by the call out fee will be less costly. If they are local and independent, they have a reputation to upkeep, and will do a better job. Large businesses with a team of plumbers, although impersonal at times, can offer more negotiable prices for larger jobs.

Plumbing is a demanding job and quality plumbers are in high demand. The client pays for their expertise and the work ethic they bring to the job, as well as the materials and labour. 

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