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A blocked drain is often caused by a build-up of hair, grease, and other debris. As water flows down the drain, it picks up these materials and forms a clog. If you notice that your drains are draining more slowly than usual, or if water starts to back up into the sink or shower, then you may need to call a professional.

We are a locally based company servicing the Great Western Corridor, from Penrith to Lithgow, covering the entire Blue Mountains area. If you are in Blue Mountains, we can assist you in unblocking your drains with our comprehensive drain plumbing solutions and drainage cleaning services. We are available 24/7 for emergency blocked drain problems and offer emergency service discounts.

Signs of a blocked drain

Sometimes you may not even know that you have a blocked drain until it’s too late. It’s always better to react quickly at the first signs of a problem. There are a few signs you can look for if you suspect you may have a blocked drain.

The first and most obvious sign is slow drainage. Don’t wait and call a professional plumber. If not addressed quickly, a blocked drain can cause significant water damage to your home. Severe blockages can also result in burst pipes and even more costly repairs.

Another sign of a blocked drain is an unpleasant smell coming from the drain. Foul-smelling drains may indicate organic build-ups. They accumulate over time and create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This bacteria feeds on debris in your pipes and causes your drains to smell like rotten-eggs. Keep your drains clean to prevent smelly and unsightly drains.

If you hear a gurgling sound from your drains, most often something prevents the water from flowing freely in your pipes. This could be caused by tree roots or blockages in your pipes. 

Once you start experiencing these early signs, call us. We will inspect your drains and suggest the most cost-effective solution for you.

Blocked Drain Services in Blue Mountains

Ironclad Plumbing is a plumbing business operating in the Blue Mountains. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service to the residents of this area. Kristian is a trained professional who can handle residential and commercial plumbing projects with ease. Feel free to contact us today for any plumbing-related assistance you may need!

Blocked sewer or toilet

Sewer systems in residential and commercial buildings are critical to the functioning of plumbing systems, as they carry waste from the building to municipal pipes. When a sewer system gets blocked, it prevents the efficient removal of waste. Blocked sewer drains can also cause backflow or wastewater to seep out of sewer pipes, polluting clean water sources. If you’re having trouble with a blocked sewer pipe, don’t try to fix it yourself – call a professional plumber instead. 

Blocked sink

We use advanced techniques and tools to tackle even the toughest clogs, ensuring that water flows smoothly once again. Say goodbye to the frustration of a blocked sink and let us provide you with efficient and reliable service that brings back the ease and convenience you deserve.
blocked drain plumber

Blocked drains can pose a major health risk to homes and businesses. Our team is available 24/7 to clear blocked drains, including outdoor drains. We have the experience and the right equipment to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Video and CCTV Inspections

A plumbing CCTV camera is a small, specialised camera that is used to take video images inside plumbing drains. The camera is inserted into the drain through a plumbing access point, and the operator can then view the video feed on a monitor in order to locate the blockage. This process is typically much faster and more efficient than traditional methods of drain cleaning, such as snaking or jetting. Additionally, it can be used to identify other potential problems, such as cracks or leaks in the plumbing system. As a result, plumbing CCTV cameras can save both time and money by allowing plumbers to quickly and effectively locate and repair drains.

Hydro Jetting technique

Hydro Jetting Technique is a plumbing method in which a plumber places a hose within the sewer pipe and sprays water under high pressure to clean it out. This method is effective in removing blockages, such as tree roots, grease, and sludge buildup. Hydro Jetting Technique can also be used to remove deposits that have built up on the walls of the sewer pipe, restoring it to its original condition. This method is the safest and will not damage your plumbing system. 

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    Kris worked on the issue as if he is fixing a problem in his OWN premises, taking great pride in customer satisfaction and his own workmanship (Ryan, his Apprentice was exactly the same). Kris' ability to 'listen' also to us - no doubt gathering a background of the issue, which helps him, as well: but it's often rare to find/experience that quality: very welcoming. The job took several days: but being totally comfortable in Kris' abilities was just one of many reasons to recommend and us not hesitating in the future to employ him again. I wish him all the success with his business. It's well deserved!

    Jodie W
    Garden Clean Up - Winmalee, NSW
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    Very polite and prompt response time. They did an amazing job and worked very hard to clean up my property and my gardens look great. Definitely recommend!
    Plumbing - Katoomba, NSW
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    Kris has been very professional and prompt in delivering the required services. I have no hesitation to recommend him to my contacts, which I had referred to several jobs!
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    Kris was great. Would recommend.

    Blocked Drain Symptoms

    Notice the frustration of water taking its sweet time to disappear down the drain? Slow drainage is a telltale sign that your pipes might be facing a blockage.

    Have you ever heard mysterious gurgling sounds emanating from your drains? These odd noises are more than just unsettling; they could be indicators of an underlying blockage causing air to be trapped in the pipes.

    Unpleasant odors wafting up from your drains are not only bothersome but also indicative of something amiss in your plumbing. It’s time to investigate and address the root cause.

    Blocked Drain Causes

    Everyday debris like hair, soap residue, and small particles can accumulate over time, forming a stubborn barrier within your pipes. Discover how these seemingly insignificant elements contribute to major blockages.

    The aftermath of cooking often involves the disposal of grease down the drain. Learn about the adverse effects of grease buildup and how it transforms into a sticky obstacle that hinders water flow.

    Shower drains often fall victim to the accumulation of hair and soap scum. Explore the impact of these seemingly harmless elements and understand why they can lead to frustrating clogs.

    Nature has its way of intervening in our plumbing systems. Delve into the unexpected challenge of tree roots infiltrating drains, causing disruptions that go beyond the surface.

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