Lawn mowing Blue Mountains

Need your lawns mowed or your backyard refreshed? Let us handle it. Don’t miss out on summertime fun because of pesky mowing duties.

If you’re like most people, your garden is an important part of your property. Lawn mowing may appear to be an easy task, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The height of the grass, the type of mower, and the direction of the cut all play a significant role in determining the result.

The height of the grass is important because it affects the overall health of the lawn. For most lawns, the ideal height is around 2.5 cm-7 cm, depending on the type of grass and the season. Many Australians mow their lawn too short to save time between mowing intervals. It’s important to remember that mowing too low can cause issues such as scalping, which can stress the grass. During winter, it’s a good idea to avoid mowing your lawn unless necessary, as the grass goes into dormancy during the colder months and grows slower. To avoid damaging your lawn, it’s essential to raise your mower height and keep the grass blades longer during winter. This will not only prevent scalping and browning but also help your lawn absorb valuable sunlight required for growth, as the grass shuts down during this period. 

The type of mower you use is also important. There are three main types of mowers: rotary mowers, reel mowers, and hover mowers.

To make your life easier, we offer professional lawn mowing services to Blue Mountains residents. Mowing your lawn properly is one of the best things you can do to keep it healthy and beautiful.

lawn mowing Blue Mountains

Lawn mowing for commercial properties

Regular mowing is essential not only to maintain a well-groomed appearance of your lawn but also to keep it healthy and lush by stimulating optimal growth. Our commercial lawn mowing services can help property owners showcase a polished and well-maintained landscape, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for both employees and clients.

Our team of experts has the skills and experience to handle any size or type of property and deliver outstanding results every time. We pride ourselves on quality, reliable and consistent service and always ensure our clients the best service every time.

How we can help you with your lawn care and maintenance needs

Engaging a professional for mowing services offers a range of advantages that extend beyond mere convenience. Firstly, professionals bring expertise to the task, ensuring the lawn is cut to the appropriate height and promoting overall health and vitality. Additionally, professional mowing services come equipped with high-quality tools and equipment, ensuring a precise and uniform cut. This enhances the lawn’s aesthetic appeal and contributes to its resilience against pests and diseases. Hiring professionals also saves valuable time for property owners, allowing them to focus on other priorities while ensuring their outdoor spaces remain well-maintained. Ultimately, the investment in professional mowing services pays off in the form of a healthier, more attractive lawn that adds value to the property.

We service the great Western Corridor, so if you are in need of lawn mowing and gardening in the Blue Mountains, Penrith or Lithgow, call us today to schedule a consultation and see what we can do for you!

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