Avoid costly surprises when buying a home with our Ironclad pre-purchase inspection


Blue Mountains residents, pre-purchase plumbing inspection is a must do!

Why is a pre-purchase plumbing inspection a must do? Well, when buying a new home, soon-to-be home owners often dream of the perfect deal. But you should always be wary of hidden plumbing problems.  It can be stressful finding leaking pipes, hidden water damage or blocked drainage, only weeks after the contract is settled. It gets even worse as the leak or block can result in damages to your new home structure.

To avoid costly surprises when buying a home and ensure your investment is protected make sure to get a pre-purchase plumbing inspection before you buy.

Pre-purchase building inspections are often not enough

Pre-purchase building inspections may be an important step in the home buying process, however they are not enough when it comes to plumbing. These inspections typically do not include a full inspection of the plumbing system. This is because they are often limited in scope and focus on the structure of the building and electrical systems rather than any underlying issues with water supply or drainage.

While a pre-purchase inspection can sometimes detect signs of potential plumbing problems, such as leaks or blocked drains, it may not reveal more serious issues like burst pipes or corrosion damage due to age. Burst pipes can cause extensive damage to your home if left unchecked, so it is crucial that potential homeowners take steps to ensure they have a thorough understanding of their property’s plumbing system before making any commitment to buy.

To properly assess a home’s plumbing system, an experienced plumber should be contacted for a thorough inspection. A certified professional will be able to spot any issues that could lead to expensive repair down the line and advise you on ways to prevent future problems from occurring. They can also provide advice on how best to maintain your property’s plumbing system and keep it in good working order over time.

It is worth noting that even if you do have a pre-purchase building inspection carried out before committing to buy, there is no guarantee that any issues with your property’s plumbing will be caught during this process. As such, it is highly recommended that you invest extra time and money in having your own dedicated plumbing system assessment done by an experienced plumber before signing on the dotted line of your new home purchase agreement. This could help save you from costly repairs down the line and ensure your safety for many years into the future.

Why you should never overlook a pre-purchase plumbing inspection

The advantages of choosing a pre-purchase plumbing inspection ease the worry and cost of problems that emerge later. Here are some of the best reasons for choosing a professional plumbing check:

  1. Plumbing problems found early.

A complete expert inspection of the plumbing system can uncover problems before home buyers purchase the property. Buyers can then negotiate the terms of the contract to their liking.

  1. Accurate valuation of home.

If there are problems with plumbing, the cost of repair can be valued into the price of the house. If there are no problems, the professional inspection report can support insurance claims and other legal contracts in future. This can give buyers a better price for their dream home.

  1. Prevent water damage in future.

According to QBE, water damage makes up 24% of all home insurance claims. The average claim is about $5,000 and the most expensive claims are up to half a million dollars. If a real problem goes unseen it can emerge at any time as disaster. This is usually with more damage than expected early on. This includes:

  • Water damage from leaking pipes
  • Leaking hot water system
  • Blocked drainage causing excess overflow
  • Sewerage leaking
  • Roof drainage problems.

Rain storm events can cause excessive water too. This can result in excess damage to the house if drains are blocked. A pre-purchase plumbing inspection can calm your fears of any of these events occurring.

  1. Inspections require specialist equipment.

Plumbing inspectors will use the latest tools like drain video to find any faults in the system. They will use tools to locate dampness and other gadgets to find even minor problems in the plumbing system. It is better to get an expert rather than risk doing it yourself and missing an issue.

  1. Inspections are cost-effective.

The cost of a pre-purchase plumbing inspection averages around $450 to $500 + gst. This is for the average home in the NSW region. The cost of fixing leaking pipes and water damage in future can sky-rocket by comparison. Catching problems early is worth the cost of a before sale plumbing inspection.

  1. Plumbing inspections nearly always find a problem.

It has been found that around 90 to 95% of plumbing inspections uncover at least some minor problem. We can assume that an expert check will lessen the chance of problems later on in the future.

What’s included in our plumbing inspections in the Blue Mountains

Expert plumbing inspectors will go through a checklist. They will look at the below main areas of your plumbing:

  • Water and Tap Fixtures
  • Sewage and Toilet
  • Drain Pipes
  • Roof and Gutter Drains
  • Stormwater Pipes
  • Hot Water System

The plumber will check the flow and pressure of water. They will look for leaks in tap fixtures. He or she will look for blocks, leaks, damage, old age, tree roots in pipes. In the other cases of drainage and sewage, the plumber will make sure they are discrete and undamaged. A plumbing inspection will give you, the home buyer, peace of mind.

Pre-purchase plumbing inspection is vital in the Blue Mountains as there are many old homes with outdated pipes. A professional plumber will be able to evaluate the condition of the home’s plumbing and identify any potential problems. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase the property. If you decide to move forward with the purchase, our team of local plumbers in the Blue Mountains can help you get started on fixing any issues that may arise. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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