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Fire Halo™ Bushfire Protection
in Blue Mountains

Fire Halo™, your shield against bushfires in Blue Mountains

In the wake of recent catastrophic bushfires that have swept through the picturesque Blue Mountains, we recognise the urgency and importance of protecting your home and loved ones. The innovative Fire Halo™ system is a formidable defence against these relentless forces of nature, offering unparalleled protection with a focus on safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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    What is Fire Halo™?

    At the heart of Fire Halo™ lies a commitment to keeping you safe when it matters most. The system is a result of extensive research and development, born out of a critical need during the devastating bushfires that have impacted the Blue Mountains community. 

    It’s designed to make your property more resilient and secure against imminent or future bushfire events while ensuring your gutters remain debris-free. Fire Halo™ is fully patented and trademarked, and it’s proudly Australian-made.

    Fire Halo™ has been patented and trademarked, proving its exceptional design and effectiveness in protecting against bushfires.

    In a world of global products, Fire Halo™ stands out as proudly Australian-made. By choosing Fire Halo™, you support local manufacturing and contribute to the resilience of the Blue Mountains community.

    Why Fire Halo™?

    With its stunning landscapes and dense bushland, the Blue Mountains region also faces the ever-present threat of bushfires. These fires can spread quickly, posing severe risks to homes and lives. This is why Fire Halo™ holds immense significance here. Our system is tailor-made to address Blue Mountains residents’ unique challenges and fire safety needs.

    One of the fundamental principles behind Fire Halo™ is the prioritisation of safety. You no longer need to risk your life and limbs by climbing onto your roof with hoses and sprinklers during a bushfire emergency. Fire Halo™ allows you to protect your property from the safety of the ground.

    Ensuring the proper installation of Fire Halo™ is crucial for its effectiveness. Ironclad Blue Mountains partnered with Fire Halo™ and is the region’s only official distributor and installer of the system.

    Our expertise and dedication mean that you can trust the installation process completely, further enhancing the safety and protection of your property.

    Fire Halo™ offers many benefits, making it an essential addition to your home’s defence:

    • Effective Protection. Fire Halo™ is engineered to provide reliable protection against ember attacks and bushfires.
    • Gutter Maintenance. It also keeps your gutters clear of debris, reducing the risk of ember-induced fires.
    • Peace of Mind. With Fire Halo™ in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken proactive steps to safeguard your home.


    Testimonials from satisfied customers

    "I can't thank Ironclad Blue Mountains enough for keeping my family safe during the bushfire season. It's a game-changer!"
    Sarah T.
    Blue Mountains

    Ready to take the next step toward enhanced bushfire protection?

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    Bushfire Protection Plan

    for Blue Mountains

    Our experts will thoroughly assess your property to identify vulnerabilities and design a tailored protection plan that suits your unique needs.

    As the exclusive provider of Fire Halo in the Blue Mountains area, we’ll expertly install the system around your property, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

    We’ll fortify your property by installing ember guards on vents and sealing potential entry points, preventing embers from infiltrating and igniting within your premises.

    Our team will clear gutters of debris and install guards to prevent the accumulation of flammable materials, reducing the risk of roof fires caused by ember build-up.

    We’ll advise on effective vegetation management strategies, including clearing and trimming, to create a defensible space around your property.

    Our ongoing maintenance services will ensure that your property protection measures remain effective over time. We’ll conduct inspections, make necessary adjustments, and keep your defences up-to-date

    At Ironclad Plumbing and Property Services, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. With our Bushfire Property Protection Plan, fortified by the exclusive Fire Halo system, you can rest assured that you’re taking a proactive step towards safeguarding your property against bushfire risks in the Blue Mountains. Learn more about creating an emergency action plan from NSW Rural Fire Service.

    In a region as stunning as the Blue Mountains, preparing for the ever-present bushfire threat is essential. Fire Halo™ and Ironclad Bushfire Protection Plan offer you the peace of mind and protection. Don't wait for disaster to strike; take proactive steps today with Fire Halo™.

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